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Commission examples & prices.
Some openings will be linked here, but all announcements will be made through Instagram.
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Terms of Service

Please only contact me through Instagram or Telegram, unless it is specifically an Etsy order you have already placed (then use Etsy so I have access to your order management tools).By commissioning me you agree to my TOS. Please read over before sending any payment.

Must Read

You must be 16+ to place an order of £200 or more.
You must be 18+ to place an order of £500 or more.
It is the responsibility of the commissioner to provide clear, up-to-date references/descriptions of the character(s) (any mistakes that are my fault I will fix).Progress pictures and updates will be sent as progress is made, these are your opportunities to request changes or express dissatisfaction. There is no guarantee that changes can or will be made after completion.

Quotes & Pricing

I reserve the right to refuse commissions and alter my pricing.Quotes are valid for 50 days, but will not change once a deposit has been placed.If you would like specific colours/materials used please specify this during the quoting stage. However, there will be opportunities to confirm colours before completion.

Payment Plans

Payment plans, when accepted, have deadlines for payment that are non-negotiable.A deposit is required before I confirm your slot or begin work.
Deposits are 25-50% depending on the price of the commission
Deadlines for payment plans:
Not accepted on amounts of £200 or less.
Under £1000, it is 1 month (28 days).
Over £1000, it is 3 months (84 days).
There is no guarantee that payment plans will be accepted- for some openings full payment upfront will be required.Failure to complete the payments will result in your order being canceled.

Edits & Errors

ARTAll working files are kept at least 1 week after completion so edits at a later date can be discussed, but these may require a separate fee.PHYSICALAttending the same convention/meet as me? You can get free repairs but you must notify me beforehand so I can make sure to bring the correct tools and schedule a time to work. This only applys to items I have made.If there is a fault with the product, please contact me within 3 weeks of receiving it. It is your responsibility to notify me so that we can discuss the problem. If there is an issue:> Firstly send a detailed description and images if possible> We will discuss shipping it back to me (you will have to pay for this)>>> If it is “makers error” I will refund you the shipping costs, fix the problem and return it free of charge>>> If it is not “makers error” we can discuss payment to repair the product and return shipping costs.All my products come with a 1-year warranty (which covers damage due to general wear and most “makers error”s).
Repairs that do not fit into this category can also be discussed at a reduced cost.
Please note that free shipping cannot be guaranteed in these cases.
* “Makers error” include, but not limited to issues such as: holes, broken seams, features not secured adequately (e.g. claws falling out of paws, ears not secured). Any faults will be discussed before action is taken.

Prints, Posts & Reselling

PrintsPrints can be made for personal use only, not used commercially without permission.I reserve the right to make prints for commercial use unless otherwise discussed.PostsArtwork can be reposted as long as they contain my watermark. A link to my social media/website is appreciated.Please do not upload NSFW pictures containing my product, if you intend to use my product in an adult situation I reserve the right to refuse the commission.ResellingYou have permission to resell the suit once you have it. You must state that I am the original maker.It is requested that you do not upcharge when reselling my work. Price increase within reason is acceptable.Please notify me when reselling a fursuit I have made.


Where appropriate insurance will be offered to protect against loss and damage. Most orders will be tracked. If there is a problem due to shipping please notify me ASAP.It is the responsibility of the customer to check that all details pertaining to shipping is correct when asked to. You will be sent a picture of the label- you MUST read through and confirm all details are correct.The customer is responsible for all shipping costs. Receipts of the shipping costs will be shown upon request or before ordering of labels as appropriate.I am not responsible for any import fees. By law, you must pay for any fees demanded by your country. Failure to do so will result in your order being returned to sender and your order may be canceled as a result.


Cancellation of orders, either from the customer or myself, may result in the customer becoming blacklisted.The cancellation of an order does not guarantee a full refund.I reserve the right to cancel or refund a commission due to not following my TOS or inappropriate behaviour.I reserve the right to resell the product if no contact is made within 30 days, I will notify you and make multiple attempts to contact you before this deadline.Cancellation after materials have been purchased will result in a maximum 80% refund.Cancellation of the order after completion will result in the order being sold to a new customer (with minor changes made to make it unique from the original design) and a maximum of a 50% refund.